Tuvia Rubner

Rübner grew up in a German-speaking Jewish family in Bratislava. After his parents and his sister had been deported to Poland, he was able to emigrate in 1941 at the last moment with a group of ten young people to Palestine. His relatives were allegedly 1942.Auschwitz-Birkenau murdered. In Kibbutz Merchawia he was first a shepherd and worked in the vineyard or in the field. He married in 1944 In 1949, his daughter Miriam was born. Shortly thereafter, his wife Ada died in a bus accident severe that Tuvia Rübner survived seriously injured. He could not do physical work more and therefore was librarian and literature teacher at the middle school in the kibbutz. Without special academic education he later became a teacher at a teacher training college and a university professor. His second wife Galila Jisreeli, of professional concert pianist, he got to know in 1953; with her ​​he has two sons, Idan and Moran.

As an emissary of the Jewish Agency Rübner went from 1963 to 1966 to Zurich, at the city's University he attended lectures of Emil Staiger and Wolfgang Binder. [1]

Early on, he learned the literary scholar Werner Kraft know who supported him and encouraged in his career as a writer and literary critic. [2] Even Ludwig Strauss was sponsor and became the friend. Rübner was Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Haifa until his retirement 1992nd

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