Rafi Weichert

Rafi Weichert

It is no wonder at all that the city of Tel Aviv crowned Rafi Weichert the most powerful voice in the Israeli poetry field a few years back. Weichert is the chief editor of the independent Keshev publishing house, an important and prolific source of contemporary Hebrew poetry and world poetry in translation into Hebrew. To give just the most recent example, Keshev has just issued Galit Hasan-Rokem’s translation of the complete poems of Nobel Prize laureate Tomas Transtromer.

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בקווים דקים

€50.56 €31.60

בשנה הראשונה לחייך

ספרו החדש והמרגש של רפי וייכרט שנכתב בחודשי ההמתנה ללידתה של בתו.
€43.45 €23.70



ימים בהולים

€37.92 €15.80

מבט חוזר

€37.92 €19.75


€35.55 €19.75