Moses b. Itzhaki

Born in Tirat Hacarmel, was a member of Kibbutz Nahal Oz. Served as head of the Department of Literature and creative expression at Oranim College, and coordinated the study Jewish people today. Editor of the "slash", Journal of Literature and Art of the College. 

He got his degree in literature and calculates Israel pines, MA and PhD in Jewish studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JewishTheological Seminary of America) and Jerusalem. Dissertation dealt Labor Zionism's attitude to religion and tradition, mirror literature in three generations: the works of YH Brenner, Aaron blessing and Yaakov Shabtai. 

Work was guided by Prof. Eliezer hand. Yitzhaki is a bird-watcher and an actor, married with three children. Lives in a communal settlement in the Jezreel Valley Barack's mansion.


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