Israel Bar - Star

Bar-Star has published ten books of poetry. He publishes poetry magazines and literary supplements of the daily press and literary reviews. His poetry has been translated into many languages ​​and is representing Israel in international festivals of literature and poetry. Was chosen to read his work before the European Parliament at a conference for peace in the Middle East, Sicily in 2002. Super literary festival guest behalf of Berlin, in 2010.

Amos Oz writes that


Israel's Bar-Star is one of the subtlest and most interesting of our poets and I read the poems of years, was impressed by the poetic, linguistic precision and freshness and originality of his language. Writing unfolds a sheet of vivid colors and contrasting intertwined. Israel's poetry has star power bar to see things in a way no one had ever seen them. These floating on a gentle humor. "[1]


Israel's Bar-star is a professor of psychology and creative writing in college Kibbutzim College of Education, at the Hebrew University and Visiting Professor of literary writing program at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Won the award the first instance of the Hebrew University in 1980 and a prize by the Prime Minister for Tsn"o.


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