Aurelia Asuka

Aurelia Asuka, who was born in 1983 is a poet, critic and researcher, activist of the Occitan language and culture. Her song cycles such as "turning the sun 'create a synthesis of modern poetic concepts with cultural traditions and folklore Provencal woman comes alone rural community and having own senses and instinct of pagan rituals turning summer holiday. The songs here are a selection from "Dawn Wolves 'and' because of summer". Asuka, one of today's leading voices Occitan literature, has published six books of poetry, the latest of which - "Dream Orpheus" and the Dream of Eurydice "(with a French translation in 2011) and Because the sun and other songs (with English translation, 2012). In 2010 she served The artistic director of the Festival of European minority literatures and the Mediterranean held in Italy. Her research on baroque drama Occitan investigated local traditions of Lang Doc, Gaskon and Provence. 


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